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Spring Holidays In Malta

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[b]This entry is for those of you who like to explore the more natural side of Malta. There are so many myths that there is no greenery, no beach space and no natural beauty in Malta that I thought a few photographs and a little explanation is in hand.

The images I have uploaded are of the North of Malta, Mellieha, St.Paul's Bay, Mistra and surrounding areas and were all taken on the 9th April 2008. This will give a good indication of the weather and natural vegetation.Images in the photo gallery taken during March of this year will show the general landscape , which is very rocky and a good trek- great for climbers and offers quite a bit of shade in between caves and open spaces.

The sea scenes are here to blast the myth that Malta is full of jelly fish which apparently attack each and every swimmer they can find. As you can see, there are no jelly fish in the pictures. I have no hypnotic production team who whisk them away at will so hopefully you will not miss out on a great holiday because of a legend concerning abundant jelly fish! I do not wish to mislead. I was indeed here during the year of the "grand jelly fish season" caused by extreme weather conditions across the Med and I know the stories which accompany such a season. When diving, snorkelling or spending any length of time in the Med (indeed anywhere hot and wet) , I suggest a cheap shorty wetsuit or a skin suit to be a wonderful investment. For approximately twenty pounds sterling your skin is completely protected from nature and most of what it throws toward you!

Lastly, the vegetation in Malta. At this time of the year in Malta, the island is simply blooming! Natural blooms stretch far across the fields amidst walkways for the lazy country walker. Newly planted trees are covering the island itself (due to EU regulations and a bid to cut down on global warming) alongside aged trees, vines and wild flowers of every shade you can imagine. The hills are full of wild flowers and grasses leading right down to the sea side in many areas and Malta has even planted small parks and "view points" to entice the traveller even more toward this little gem.

The only thing you wont see and would probably miss, as a natural trekker is an abundance of natural spring water. There are springs but you will not be likely to come across lakes and ponds to explore natural life.

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New Events and Courses

What would you like to know?

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If you have a special interest which would be of more use as a public question please feel free to post queries here. Of course, MaltaInfo will reply to messages and emails as well as posts but sometimes a general enquiry is all that most people will want.
I can answer questions on events and courses in Malta throughout the year, on land and sea and what I dont know, I shall find out for you.

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Your holiday in Malta

Help me to help you

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If you are considering a trip to Malta, please add your comments ,joys and worries here so that other travellers have the opportunity to see a full profile of the country all in the same place. This blog is open for posting and automatic email and will be checked, answered and updated daily by MaltaInfo.

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A Quick Introduction to Malta

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As a brand newbie to this site I would like to introduce this wonderful gem of an island which is Malta. I shall add information and events, in the mean time please leave a forum note or email me, MaltaInfo for help, a chatter or a full holiday service .

Not only is Malta the most perfect of places for those of you who love to basque in Nature's creations but is also a lively and wild place for those of you who love nothing better than to rid yourself of all things natural and throw yourself to the delights of wine and rampage.

What sets Malta aside from so many other countries is the fact that areas of this tiny, sunkissed island are set up completely separate from each other allowing both nature lover and wild child to have the time of their life without upsetting others! One town with nothing but commercialism and night life and another with only artistic creations ; this is surely a luxury in itself.

Malta is rich in culture- who could resist a swash buckling Knight?
It is rich in sea life and adventures around the sea.
It is rich in religious buildings and architectural delights which lay open the romantic history which every guide will be only too willing to inform you of.

Accomodation for those wishing to "hire and go" is affordable and again luxury or basic, large or small- I can always help you .

Car rental, jeep rental and taxi fares are all much cheaper than many EU holiday spots and again, a simple e-mail screaming for help will solve your hire problem so long as you hold an EU driving licence.

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